(I am more than just a clever name)


I saw a few brands making products from broken bike parts, but they did not sell what I was looking for. I am not handy or an engineer, but decided this was something I could do nonetheless. 

The Result:

I make pieces that are rustic and sexy, and I put lots of love into each and every one of them. No two pieces are alike, and I have enjoyed making each and every one of them.

What makes you eco- friendly Dave?

- Scrap metal that I do not end up using gets re-recycled.

- I use old rags as scrubs for cleaning the product / always strive to reduce the product's footprint.

- I am using a biodegradable cleanser for the bike parts.

-  The greasy remainders of the solution are reserved to be disposed of safely, according to environmental standards.


To the businesses that let me rummage their bins for scrap parts, notably: Ideal Bikes, RPM Cycle, and PRO Cycle. 

My friends Jamie, Wesam, Ashley, Alexandra, Greg, Alex, Sydney, Valerie, Tacha, and Sarah Miss Diva for taking me to the repair shops to rummage, or saving pieces for me personally.

Adam Burns, CBC RADIO. You found me interesting enough to interview, interviewed and edited beautifully, got my voice on the radio, and saw that the interview was posted to the CBC radio website! I am continuously impressed when I bump into people and they tell me they heard me on the radio. 

http://www.cbc.ca/informationmorningns/2011/08/19/art-of-a-different-medium/   Cut and paste this link to listen.

Heidi Petracek, CTV Morning Live. You are an amazing woman, and so passionate about your job! I really enjoyed meeting you, and you did my works great justice in getting them on the air and presenting them with love. Thank You!

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150388199568364%5C   Cut and paste this link to watch :)

My Family, Friends, and Customers (who I consider friends). I appreciate all your support, love, and encouragement of this project. It has been a much needed outlet for me during some stressful times. You make the experience rewarding, and financial benefits from sales is a complete bonus.


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